Walk of Art— a Brooklyn-based non-profit that provides walking tours of the boroughs graffiti arts space– in April and May held a series of free art workshops for children, ages 12-15 called “10×10,” part of the Walk Of Art Kids arts and education program.

For two hours each Saturday, the workshops were led by ten of the most esteemed local artists in New York City, including Chris Stain, Damien Mitchell and Nathaniel Mary Quinn-– each teaching ten young aspiring artists various art techniques, from stenciling and graffiti art to abstract expressionism.


The workshop series will culminate with a gallery youth exhibition for kids, parents, and community members June 5 -7, at Lowbrow Artique, a street art gallery and art supply shop located at 143 Central Avenue, Brooklyn.

Check out the photos from some of the workshops, and stop by the exhibition on view this weekend in support of these burgeoning young artists!

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  1. As an artist, I’m 100% for kids learning it, and this sounds like such a wonderful event. BUT, but, but…..Isn’t spray paint incredibly toxic? At least the kind I know is, and I always wear a mask when using it. Were they using some new version that isn’t? I can’t help it, the idea of kids breathing in all that stuff really freaks me out. I’m just hoping it was some new eco version that isn’t filled with dangerous chemicals.

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