By Fatima Ali Muhammed

It was a moment in my life when I found my feelings mixed up in confusion. I was bringing the most beautiful thing in my life into the world but still didnt know how I could be a mother or what the process was like.

One thing I engaged in during my 6-month pregnancy was opening up for help. I found myself in a new environment with no family or friends to support me. I became very open to my OB/GYN about my fears in regards to bringing the baby into the world. I had doubt about being a good mother, knowing there were a lot of things I needed to know before the baby finally arrived.

My OB/GYN recommended BY MY SIDE Doula program to me. I was given the contact for Mary-Powel Thomas (Community Programs Manager). I called her and she explained to me what the program was based on. I was told it was a free-of-charge service, which gave me peace of mind, and then further surprised me with having my own doula come over and help.

Amadoma was a gift to me. She wasnt only my doula, she gave me something to smile about: the confidence in my ability to be a mother. Not too long after Amadoma started working with me, I began to gain the confidence that was once detached from the inside. The feelings of loneliness became a thing of the past.

She worked me through exercise, tips about breastfeeding, information about healthy eating during pregnancy. She gave me every information that I needed to know when the baby was ready to come. Wow.

The most interesting part of the whole journey with Amadoma was during my delivery. She was there throughout the delivery. From laboring at home to the hospital, she was there with me through the worst and the most joyful moments of my life. She held my hand through the whole process. I felt so loved.

She filled the empty space in my life and held my hand in bringing my baby into the world. With her in sight, I had so much confidence that I could do it. And I did. My breastfeeding went pretty well, and I am still breastfeeding, even after nine months of having my baby, because this program gave me the information on how I and my baby could remain healthy. I was taught the benefit of breastfeeding.

Another part of of the service that was really helpful to me was referral to other services. I got some pretty clothes, toys, breast pumps, etc., which was helpful to me.

After all this experience, my baby and I are truly grateful to BY MY SIDE. Amadoma still keeps in touch with us. We are being invited to a parenting group, the By My Side Village, which is ideal for parents and those looking forward to be a mum.

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