On February 24, at St. Francis De Sales School for the Deaf, State Senator Jesse Hamilton and City Councilmember Laurie Cumbo will host “Know Your Rights Housing Forum,” an opportunity for tenants to learn more about rent stabilization rules, HPD building code enforcement, housing court, rent protections for seniors, new rental lotteries, Section 8, tenants’ rights and much more!

Brooklyn is changing:

-Nearly 70% of Brooklyn Residents are renters

-A Brooklynite would need to spend 98 percent of the median income to afford a home

-Rent rose 10% in Brooklyn since January 2014

-Rent rose 22% in Crown Heights in just one year

Come out and join the conversation about what rights you have in maintaining your current residence!


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  1. What we need is a plan to create real affordable housing in Brooklyn! Rents are ridiculous and greedy developers are getting away with murder with substandard construction for outrageous price points all subsidized by taxpayers! It is a crime that is taking place on the watch of these politicians!

    1. I 100 percent agree,only 20 percent which is little,no wide range of incomes,also no affordable housing around the area of the deaf school,or franklin ave,bedfordave, etc,but these poli-tricks always want your vote.

  2. The pols in b-sty/crown heights are simply trying to maintain their voter base; they must placate the jewish constituents while making promises to blacks. They will open and maintain a homeless shelter for ex-cons/men or a halfway house for drug addicts, battered women, breast pump station, but won’t open a recreation center for young folks???
    Right now, black have rights but little power of ownership in Bdsty and Cr/Hts. The jews hold the power, money and property interests, and religious power and are running the show behind the scenes. The truth of the matter is this: if you’re not already a homeowner/property owner, eventually you will be pushed out – nothing you can do about it. Many people are already living in sub-standard rent stabilized bldgs. owned by jews, so in essence, it is a lose- lose situation.

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