Ms. Kali
Ms. Kali

Since I’m a sports fan and a music fan, I often make comparisons and cross analogies between both fields, to add color and clarity to what I’m writing. Sometimes it’s a necessity, because there are no real, same-field comparison for an artist or athlete. Sometimes I need to reference classic movies, TV commercials or just classic philosophers or war heroes.

I feel like that about the singer, musician and multi-dimensional badass Tamar Kali. Her force is powerful. Real powerful and it’s not coming from a singular place. Her guitar work is like getting kicked in the liver by Jose Aldo, but her visceral voice vacillates between different neighborhoods on the vocal scale, and threatens to dunk on your head with the power of Lebron James.

MayDay don't play
MayDay don’t play

Her physical presence is disorienting, as her combination of sex appeal and threatening energy puts her in the same vein as a Bond Girl villain, yet in a whole other league than Pussy Galore and with more Grace in your face, than Ms. Jones’ turn as MayDay, in the movie A View To A Kill. Writing about a pou pou platter of Punk Rock themes, from the feeling of being “other” to self love, to love of her people, Tamar Kali has been a real pleasure at the several NYC parks, where I have seen her rock.

Pussy Galore Got The Drop On Ya
Pussy Galore Got The Drop On Ya

What I had not even contemplated, was the experience of seeing her in a small, intimate venue. A place indoors, where the beautiful terror of her urgent energy, brushes close to your face and envelopes your whole situation, in a liberating cocoon made of lingerie lace, MAC lipstick and performance sweat. She’s been doing it for a minute, but since many folks haven’t been blessed by that Tamar Kali sound, I tend to think of her as a rookie and a vet.

So yeah, all that to say, you’re totally in luck. Because she’s doing B-Side this Thursday, February 19th from 7:30pm-9pm, at BRIC at 647 Fulton St, in downtown Fort Greene Brooklyn. She’ll give a live, in-studio performance and interview, which will be hosted by Jean Grae.

Here’s the link. Check it, and hit it!

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