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Hand-Lettered Art By Harriet Faith. Quote By Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Oh me oh my! Yes it is a late start this year, but, late really is better than never….so let’s begin! 🙂

Here is a beautiful thought from Dr Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the Swiss-American psychiatrist who wrote the book, On Death and Dying, (published in 1969, in which she put forth her now famous model of the five stages of grief.) In spite of being famous for her work with the dying, this quote is clearly about the living and about life. I love a good metaphor and this one really hits the right note.

For me, it enforces the idea that we are generative beings. We may not always be able to control our outer circumstances, as represented by the sun and the darkness in this statement, but if we cultivate our inner light, we demonstrate the beauty of our humanity and the human ability to persevere. It also has a subtle reference to our ability to “reframe” circumstances which is one way we can demonstrate our inner ability to shine light outward, so as to see the best in every kind of circumstance.

Besides how beautiful this quote is, I also chose it to start this year’s project because here in the northern hemisphere, we are still deep in winter, the “season of inner light.” Although getting longer now, the days are still short and we still are yearning for the light and warmth of spring to arrive. Our inner light will have to do for now.

Have a beautiful week!


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