Baby-Vaccines-175058_L1State Sen. Martin Dilan of Brooklyn and Assemblyman Tom Abinanti of Westchester are sponsoring a bill that would offer parents an exemption from having their children vaccinated, Capital New York reports.

State Sen. Martin Dilan, vaccinations
State Sen. Martin Dilan

Similar exemptions are already available in 19 other states. Dilan and Abainati’s legislation would provide a legal, philosophical base for New York parents to send their children to school unvaccinated, if they provide a pre-written statement indicating their objection.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants 95 percent of children immunized– what public health officials believe is the critical percentag needed to maintain herd immunity against contagious diseases.

However, currently, New York provides a religious exemption from immunization, with a written statement. Although Sen. Dilan states he believes that immunizations do work, he points out that if you’re going to stand by a religious exemption to mandated immunization, then you cannot say that because any one person does not adhere to a religion, they cannot object on philosophical grounds.

Assemblyman Tom Abinanti
Assemblyman Tom Abinanti

Abinanti, whose son has autism, said he believes vaccines may cause harm to some children. Although the connection between autism and vaccines continues to be argued and discredited, Abinati said the perceived risk of illness is too great to force parents to vaccinate their children.

“I believe that the family, with the doctor, should make the individual determination whether a particular vaccine is appropriate for that child,” Abinati said.

“There are many of us who resent our kids being collateral damage. The possible adverse effects, whatever they may be, and it may be a very small minoritybut [the state is] discarding a group of people, which is now a growing group of people.”

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  1. This is beyond asinine! When did we get to the place that science, logic, and reason are trumped by BS! Without question the historical and scientific facts show that we have benefited enormously and countless lives have been saved as a result of universal vaccinations. Wake up people!!

  2. I am the mother of a 14 year old son who sustained neurological damage after the administration of his one-year vaccines. While we never sought an exemption, of any kind, I wish that I had been better informed both about the components of the vaccines and that I had questioned why so many vaccines must be delivered so quickly to a still-developing infant system.

    Our son now lives at a residential school. He cannot speak, is still in diapers, and functions at about a one or two year old level. He has no sense of danger and requires 24/7 supervision. He is on three medications if he is not to injure himself, and, even with these, there are times when he bites down upon his flesh until it bleeds. The cost of his care is borne by New York State Medicaid and Social Security Disability.

    He has had twelve years of special schools, twelve years of ABA, twelve years of occupational therapy, twelve years of speech therapy, and, still, has not shown any appreciable improvement. He will never live independently.

    No parent should have to go through this sort of despair. Look at the numbers in VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) and just see how frequently adverse effects are reported.

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