Gourmet Deli at 944 Bedford Avenue
Gourmet Deli at 944 Bedford Avenue

It’s been seven months since a recycling truck crashed into the Gourmet Deli at 944 Bedford Avenue on the corner of Dekalb Avenue on the border of Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy.

The accident injured eight people and demolished the entire left side of the corner store, rendering the entire building a construction hazard. It was unclear whether the deli would ever revive itself, much to the chagrin of local residents, as it was one of the only 24-hour delis around for blocks. And for months, even the upstairs tenants had to find another place to live.

Well, the deli did recuperate and is now back in business. The store reopened its doors on Sunday with a fresh look, fresh inventory and a brand-new attitude: “We knew we would be back,” said Abdul Kenny, the store’s co-owner. “I had a strong feeling we could do it. It was very hard at first, but we did it.”

Kenny said they’ve “made everything better,” with more fresh food, more organic products, a smooth machine and a fryer (for those who still want french fries).

“We missed the community, and we’re just glad to be back,” he said smiling.


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