An elderly Crown Heights man named Moshe Kanofsky, who suffers from light dementia and memory loss, has been missing since last Thursday, December 18.

Councilman David G. Greenfield if offering a $500 reward for information leading to his safe return.

Moshe Kanofsky is 73 years old, six feet tall, with blue eyes and gray hair and suffers from memory loss. He was last seen on Eastern Parkway and Kingston Avenue, wearing what has been described as casual, baggy and old, even ripped clothing, a red and black flannel shirt and a straw hat.

“My father is a kind, loving and gentle man, who suffers from memory loss that may cause him to wander. Our family has been worried sick about his whereabouts as the weather gets colder and daylight gets shorter. We miss him tremendously and pray for his safe return home,” said Yosef Kanofsky.

Kanosfky is an influential Jewish leader who is Director of Government Programs for the Orthodox Union/TEACH NYS initiative and is well known for helping dozens of yeshiva administrators, as well as his extracurricular activities as a mentor to at-risk youth in Crown Heights.

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