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Hand Lettered Art by Harriet Faith. Quote by Madame Marie Cure

Hello! So, very quickly, I will let you know why I have been AWOL. I had two art exhibits (yay) while I was going through a stressful situation with a landlord (oy!) I moved and my workload doubled at my job. So, okay, there you have it. I certainly am not perfect and I encourage you to not put that kind of pressure on yourself either.

I am doing my “danged-est” to get caught up so that I can finish the year with 52 lettering pieces. That would be awesome, of course. But ya know what? If I don’t get them all done, it still has been a marvelous practice for me. I intend to write more about what this was like for me and will include that in the next week’s installment. I hope you are all having a Happy Holiday Season! Enjoy these two images and two quotes!

Hand Lettered Art by Harriet Faith. Quote by Madame Marie Cure

?Born November 7, 1867 and living until July 4, 1934, Madame Marie Cure was a Polish and naturalized French physicist who discovered radium; in fact, she coined the term “radioactivity.” She also contributed a great deal to the medical sciences. I love this quote….and I think it is so fitting to our times, although it was said about another time.

My favorite quotes usually express ideas that are timeless and this one is no different. There are always things to fear, and yet, by understanding the source of our personal fears or our cultural fears, we can not only lessen our own anxiety, but we also add to the general happiness and peace in the world.

Hand Lettered Art by Harriet Faith. Quote by Maxine Hong Kingston
Maxine Hong Kingston is a contemporary Chinese American writer who writes about feminist, ethnic and cultural issues. In this quote, Kingston seems to essentially remind us that, even when we are surrounded by seemingly (or actual) destruction, we need to believe in ourselves.
We are always more powerful than we realize and one of our greatest powers is that of creativity. Without denying a situation, we can turn away somewhat and, remembering who we are, bring our creative power into the equation.
Enjoy your Season of Lights!

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