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Michael Wiltshire Appointed New Principal of Boys and Girls High School

Boys and Girls High School
Boys and Girls High School

Dr. Michael Wiltshire, current principal of Medgar Evers College Preparatory School, has been appointed the new principal of Boys and Girls High School.

Wiltshire, a former teacher at Boys and Girls, will take over for Bernard Gassaway who submitted his notice of resignation earlier this month.

Dr. Michael Wiltshire

In a rather unusual arrangement, Wiltshire has agreed to continue running Medgar Evers Prep where he has worked for the past 13 years while also taking up the reigns at Boys and Girls. He will receive a $25,000 bonus to help rescue the struggling Bed-Stuy high school as its “executive principal,” with the option to return to Medgar Evers next year– an unprecedented move by the Department of Education.

Wiltshire was tapped for the new role given his track record of effectively doubling the enrollment at Medgar Evers Prep over the past decade while garnering for the school the distinction of a 97 percent graduation rate. BGHS’s 2014 graduation rate, in contrast, was 44 percent.

However, the schools have completely different profiles: Medgar Evers Prep is a screened school, meaning students are carefully selected for admission based upon their academic record, versus Boys and Girls which accepts all students, a large percentage of which come from very troubled backgrounds.

“Mr. Wiltshire has proven to be an effective principal and he’ll continue to work closely with his former school community to share best practices and support where necessary,” said the education department spokeswoman, Devora Kaye.


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  1. Mr. Gassaway built a medical center where students receive free health and dental care as well as contractption. He created a barber shop, an art gallery and was working on a beauty salon. He affiliated with Coop Tech and brought in classes in welding, medical billing, child care certification and computer technology. He affiliated with YABC so that students who didn’t graduate could continue their education in the building. Mr. Gassaway had a vision but was hounded by F grades. He knew the population he was dealing with (1s and 2s) and was willing to meet the challenge head on. What will the future hold for Boys and Girls HS…a mini Medgar Evers Prep with 3s and 4s once the slow ones are weeded out? And where will they go?

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