Ebola in Liberia Photo: america.aljazeera.com
Ebola in Liberia
Photo: america.aljazeera.com

Former New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Farley argues a travel ban from countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea could put Americans at even greater risk and what they really need from the U.S. and other developed nations is resources, reports the Daily News.

Farley said what we should fear is that the epidemic in Ebola-stricken African is spiraling out of control.

Thomas Farley, former Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health

He pointed to the fact that of the eight Americans who contracted Ebola so far, only one has died. He added, that when the victim was in close contact with his family in the early stages of the disease, none of them contracted the disease. It was only after the disease had progressed to a much more advanced stage when the nurses and health workers who were exposed to the patient contracted Ebola.

Farley called the world’s response to the epidemic shameful and feeble. He said unless the world comes to the rescue, the CDC estimates that by Jan. 30 the case count could soar to hundreds of thousands or even millions.


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