By Guest Blogger Linda Cousins-Newton, The Brooklyn Storyteller morning glory collage

A storyteller, writer, artist tends to see a story, beauty, history just about everywhere.

I don’t have to leave the kingdom of Brooklyn to find supreme beauty, the highest art, a most entrancing story.  However, yesterday I was actually leaving BK to go to Manhattan to the meditation center.  Yet I was stopped right there in my tracks by the beauty of this little blue morning glory growing near the subway station.

blue morning glory

Morning glories always catch my eye as they grew in profusion in my little-girl days back in Tennessee.  They  bring back sweet “down-home memories.”

Okay, back to BK.  Whipped out my iPhone and coaxed that pretty little blue morning glory into posing for a photograph before continuing on my journey.

When I came home, took some time to usher the photo to a higher artistic level via a range of apps.  Yes, now I’ve advanced over the years from writer to indie publisher to storyteller to digital artist/iphoneographer.

Hope you all enjoy this morning glory  collage.  I call it “The Blues in Brooklyn – 4 Stages.”  You see, what I mean–beauty and an adventure  everywhere–even in a l’il blue morning glory near the subway steps.

Photo Credit:  Linda Cousins-Newton

Ancestral Digital Diaspora Arts

—Linda Cousins Newton

copyright (c) Linda Cousins-Newton 2014

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