The 79th Precinct, covering the western end of Bed-Stuy between Marcus Garvey Boulevard and Classon Avenue, was hit with a rash of burglaries over the summer, wrote the community affairs officer in an email.

And although the precinct has made a few arrests, now the Fulton Street commercial corridor has been hit recently with an increase in burglaries, including a pharmacy that was robbed for its HIV medication.

The point of entries were front door, and electronics have been the main target item, police said.

Community Affairs issued the following statement:

Keep all doors, windows, cellar doors and roof hatches (hook and eye latch for roofs only) secured. This is the #1 way adversaries enter most residences. Let’s not make it easy for the thief.

If possible, get an alarm system. If enough people on one block purchase at the same time, most companies will give a group discount rate.

Commercial establishments, a CCTV Unit is paramount for the safety of workers and the business.

The 79th Pct. is dedicated to combating any crime pattern that we may currently have. There have been several arrests in the last weeks, which resulted in the decrease of residential burglaries.

Residents, let’s look out for each other. If you see something, please say something. NYPD has many crime prevention programs to offer. If interested, reach out to Officer Walsh, the 79th Pct. Crime Prevention Officer at (718) 636-6611.

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  1. “Bed-Stuy between Marcus Garvey Boulevard and Classon Avenue, was hit with a rash of burglaries OVER THE SUMMER…”

    This is October. Couldn’t the police department have notified residents/businesses of this when they saw a pattern? Seems late to be starting to alert residents/businesses of a identifiable crime pattern that was occurring (over the summer).

    1. Yes, I thought the same thing when I received the alert. But since it continues until today, I figured better late than never.

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