A new initiative new initiative blending art, technology, and interpretation at Cleveland Museum of Arts Gallery One
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The Brooklyn Museum has announced the upcoming launch of  a new app that will enable visitors to utilize their mobile devices to interact in real time with Museum experts while immersing in creative exchanges within the gallery spaces and online.


The initiative–part of Bloomberg Connects, a program that supports the development of technology aimed at enhancing visitor experiences at major cultural institutions around the world– will allow the Brooklyn Museum to spot trends in visitor interest of its various exhibits and collections and stay on the cutting edge of how visitors best engage with art and culture.

The program will roll out at Brooklyn Museum over the course of three years, with a testing phase beginning in the fall of 2014 and then opening to the public spring of 2015.

“Through this initiative the Brooklyn Museum will set a new standard in visitor engagement by creating a dynamic and responsive Museum that fosters dialogue and sparks conversation between Museum staff and all of our visitors,” said a museum spokesperson.

Visitors will be able to use their mobile devices to ask questions as they explore the Museum’s collections. And location-aware technology will be used throughout the building to pinpoint a visitor’s location in relation to works of art on view, which will enable experts to better answer questions and recommend other objects of interest in close proximity.0t1379663608.586

The project is being led by Shelley Bernstein, Vice Director of Digital Engagement and Technology, and Sara Devine, Manager of Interpretive Materials and Audience Engagement, both of whom will post updates on the progress of the project on the Museum’s technology blog.

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