Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent, Dollar

Much to your dismay, it has finally happened…

No, I’m not talking about you getting nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but something that leaves you with an even bigger chill:  The summer is coming to a close. Luckily, it isn’t happening unceremoniously, because Labor Day Weekend, as the unofficial demarcation of summer’s end, is stocked with more fun events than you can twerk an ample rear end at!

I usually talk about a variety of happenings to do for Brooklyn weekends, both on the Dick & Dave segment of BK Live and here in my Brooklyn Reader column. But since it’s the end of the summer, I’m eschewing the cool art events, cultural affairs and community based happenings, for a line up of all out, daytime partying. I’m talking big, bad, bold parties. The events featuring food, booze, DJs, live performances and the possibility of finding a cuddle buddy for the forthcoming frigid months.

I’m sure you have your own shindigs to attend, but since it’s a holiday weekend, with extended time to create embarrassing Instagram moments to follow you straight through to Halloween, here’s some events to augment your list. But first, Dick & Dave’s Labor Day Weekend Event Picks


Ok, my Friday recommendation is not a daytime party, simply because it’s a work day and though some may have one last weekend of summer hours at their work place and some are taking Friday off, for most, it’s still a day to punch the clock and loaf while getting paid. With that in mind, the Michael Jackson Costume Birthday Party at The Kymberle Project, looks like a smart bet to get the LDW off on the right foot…or even the left foot, since you most likely will be using both feet to grove to Dj Rimarkable’s Michael Jackson mix. It’s only $5 b4 11pm, and it’s cash prizes for best costumes. For a jumping Friday night, you can’t “Beat It”! I know, I know, it hurt for me to even write that.

Ease on down the road, grasshopper
Ease on down the road, grasshopper


This is the day to really open the cage so your day time party animal can stretch it’s legs. Hopefully, Friday was a blast, and you dance dance danced and didn’t stop til you got enough, and woke up on Saturday with your wig still intact, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. If you didn’t, and you’re feeling a bit ragged, here’s where a double espresso makes a lot of sense; just make sure you support a small, local business and perhaps even tip the barista. These are my picks for the Saturday of LDW:

Guinness Live It Up:

I could write a lot about this event, but the flyer pretty much says it all.

Live It Up, it's the end of summer
Live It Up, it’s the end of summer

BKLYN Bazaar

This has been going on for some years now and has become an summer institution in Bed-Stuy. Bazaar Royale has curated this Brooklyn Block party, blessing the people with live performances, activities and vendors and this year, is co-curating it with Brittany Campbell. It’s a daytime event, because duh, it’s a block party, and it’s also a benefit for Black Girls Rock and will feature a DJ set by Beverly Bonds, founder of BGR. It’s sponsored by some local Brooklyn establishments, like Madiba, Speedy Romeo and Choice Market, so it’s a hyper local Block Party. They beeze the block for real!

It's a tried and true Brooklyn Thang
It’s a tried and true Brooklyn Thang


By Sunday, you’ll probably be running on a combination of adrenaline, Wray & Nephews, Guinness and whoooza, but all of it will be needed as it’s a three outstanding events to choose from. Normally, it’s a day to wind down and get ready for the horrible thing called Monday morning, but not this weekend. This weekend, Sunday is a time to grill, eat, drink, dance, sweat, socialize and do it all while knowing your favorite season is ending. Hell, the clock will turn back soon and it will be dark when you leave the office, so pour a little liquor out for summer and work that crick out your back. Also, try to keep your shirt free from bbq sauce, cause that’s never a good look!

TIKI DISCO is classic. It got famous at Roberta’s and has been moving around recently, but this will surely be a smoker on Sunday

Tiki Disco is all the way live
Tiki Disco is all the way live

DUB A GRUB is at DO or DINE and is the perfect marriage of adventurous cuisine and a big, booming system! For more information about tickets and such, click this link: Dub A Grub


THE SHINING. WonderGround is a really amazing dance party and now that it’s teaming up with DJ JahMedicine and is in a big space like BROOKLYN TAP HOUSE, it’s bound to be a hit. Best thing about it…..IT’S FREEEEEEE Click this link for more information: The Shining

WonderGround in a large space is going to be great!
WonderGround in a large space is going to be great!


You’re on your own here, go to the West Indian Day Parade on Eastern Parkway, or hit J’ouvert early Monday or lay in bed nursing your stomach, head and feet because you went HARD for the weekend.

Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent, Dollar
Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent, Dollar

Actually, if you’re up for it and need something to wean you off the weekend, click this link for a free BBQ, with a DJ and music video shoot. It’s on the Bushwick side of things, L train boogie to Morgan.

Labor Day Rooftop BBQ

So that’s it. Have an amazing, fun and SAFE Labor Day Weekend

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