Arrests for jumping subway turnstiles in New York City have increased to become the one of the most common charges leading to jail time, surpassed only by all controlled substance charges combined, reports the Daily News


Fare-beating arrests have surged 69 percent — from 14,681 in 2008 to 24,747 in 2013 — placing it amongst the city’s top offenses leading to time behind bars. Meanwhile, summonses issued for the $2.50 crime (a summons is what officers normally hand out when they catch a fair beater and which carry much lighter consequences) are down 28 percent on both subways and buses.

Of the 37,500 that got sentences that involved jail time, 1,802 were minors. A recent Manhattan DA study found race also played a factor.


Asians fared best in fare-beating cases, with 70 percent receiving an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, meaning the case was automatically dismissed, if the defendant stays out of trouble. Only 13 Percent got jail time. Blacks fared the worst, with 31 percent of those arrested for fare evasion getting jail time.

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  1. This is positively outrageous! Thanks you BK Reader for bringing this to the attention of the community. What if anything will our elected representativeso do to address this situation?

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