New York City SkylineNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasios first budget will add more than 1,000 workers to the public payroll– a 35 percent increase– reversing a six-year trend of downsizing city government, Crains New York Business reports.

De Blasio’s spending is a direct reflection of his priorities– the ones he campaigned on and for which he was elected– and is made possible by tax revenues and a balanced budget bequeathed to him by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, something no incoming mayor has ever received.

Courtesy: Crains Business
Courtesy: Crains Business

His first budget totaled $75 billion$5 billion more than Mr. Bloomberg’s final spending planand added 1,062 employees, for a total of 302,726.

The biggest staffing increase went to the Department of Education with 377 employees added, mainly in special education. The two other biggest staffing boosts went to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (234) for pre-K and the Department of Correction (225) for mental-health and anti-violence services in city jails. The Department of Transportation gained 143 employees, owed to Vision Zero.

Also, despite being pressured by the City Council to significantly beef up the number of police officers on the street, the mayor found an alternative, by moving 200 officers from desk jobs to public-housing beats, a total addition of 270 officers.

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  1. Ok folks, mr bill deblasio mayor, and constituents sought voters by campaigning at w 4 street subway stop NYC before elected. What is the problem here. Affiliated 25 years with downtown university, and still subway at w 4 street a total wreck. Ricky’s, has left a 1 year old vacancy at former Mc ays, cvs, a mess on carmine street, as also many other small businesses that gave character to the neighborhood, now leaving a nazi style brigade forcing out stores, leaving containers, vermin, emptiness, neglect in it’s place, criminal village alliance communist cronies to blame. Get your 75 billion dollar budget in order, stop trashing our neighborhoods, you anti human maggots. F wit construction crews dirty, and inept.

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