This week’s email is short on words and long on the art. Also a link to a video of the song by Billy Joe Shaver at the bottom.

Have a beautiful week!

Illustrated Hand Lettering By Harriet Faith. Quote by Krishnamurti

?Krishnamurti: The self proclaimed “anti-guru” who taught the process of self-inquiry. I will leave it at that and for you to investigate further. But I will add this: within this quote, Krishnamurti is actually encouraging one to “reframe” a so-called problem. I have actually used “this problem is beautiful” as a mantra when faced with a challenge. Doing so can bring peace, which brings clarity, which brings relaxation, which brings ideas and solutions. You can borrow my way of saying it or find another way that you like.

Illustrated Hand Lettering By Harriet Faith. Lyric from a song by Billy Joe Shaver
From the first time I heard the song, “I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal,” it has been one of my favorites. I first heard it by a singer named John Anderson, which was the version I fell in love with…that is until I found this video by the song’s author. The lyrics are missing a pick-up truck, Mama, jail and the rain, but it’s still pure country. And always remember that diamonds start off as just ol’ chunks of coal that go under TREMENDOUS amounts of pressure!  Remember that the next time you are feeling under a lot of pressure yourself! Enjoy!
Have a beautiful week!

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