Prominis location at 332 Dekalb Avenue in Clinton Hill

The healthcare clinic located at 443 Dekalb Avenue between Classon and Taaffe Place has re-opened as Prominis Medical Center.

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443 Dekalb Avenue

The 443 Dekalb location will be the second Bed-Stuy location for which Prominis has assumed operation of clinics previously owned and run by Dr. Hsung-Zin Sung, who is retiring.

The first location, located at 297 Marcus Garvey Blvd. underwent a renovation and reopening in April 2013, according to Stacey Robertson, marketing director for Prominis.

On Monday, July 21, the clinic will hold an open house, from 5:00pm – 7:00pm, for the center’s second opening in Bed-Stuy, offering the community complimentary health screenings, vitamin supplements, healthy food samples and a chance to meet the clinic’s new head physician Dr. Alvin Addes who is taking over for Dr. Sung.

The renovated clinic now has state-of-the-art medical equipment. And as an added bonus, patients will have access to all seven Brooklyn clinics.

Prominis Staff
Prominis Staff

The new Prominis also has partnered with the Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project and at its open house will provide community chefs from the Myrtle Eats Fresh Community Corner who will perform live food demos using fresh, healthy ingredients.

Prominis is now accepting patients. For more information, contact Prominis at 718-852-5252.

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  1. I visited the Prominis on Dekalb/Classon and another located on Myrtle Avenue. I was very disappointed. It is my opinion and observation that Prominis is a medicaid mill and healthcare coverage swindler. Appointments are overbooked which means there is an extremely long wait time to see any doctor (2/3 hours). Each office had very small, poorly constructed crowded waiting rooms. Sick, coughing people must sit in close proximity to the very old and not so sick. The DeKalb location was expert at ordering unnecessary and questionable diagnostic procedures. They also charged my health coverage provider (GHI) for services I did not receive.
    Myrtle Avenue was nothing more a haven/hangout for drug addicts to get a fix or prescription drugs. I spent 2 hours waiting to see a doctor while watching them scheme to get drugs while their friends waited outside. Other addicts in the waiting room were asleep (perhaps due to the long wait or lingering effects of the drugs) I would not recommend that anyone serious about their individual health care go a Prominis health provider/doctor’s office.

    1. Hey I just saw this above. Confused is indeed confused. Prominis is one of the most diverse offices I have seen. Surely not a Medicaid mill. They do serve Medicaid as well as Medicare and regular insurance holders as well. As for the wait time I agree it is sometimes longer than desirable, but they are working on it according to Barbara, the office manager. They are popular because they provide good service. I disagree they are a “mill”, these doctors are salaried (I asked one of them once), not collecting money for ordering tests.

  2. Great job, Prominis. The open house was wonderful, a lot of community reps there. Healthy food prepared on site at the open house, for a neighborhood that is in need of better nutrition – great idea!.
    Prominis is serving the neediest as well as the most well to do. It is unfortunately such a rarity in this day and age to see a practice that has offices among the “elite” in Park Slope as well as the neediest in Bed-Stuy and treat them all with equal care and compassion. I wish wait time would be a little better, but patients wait because the doctors spend time with their patients and they get great care.

  3. Great doctors and great staff, our neighborhood is getting another blessing with them opening the new office. I have had only great experience with them. Before they opened their office on Myrtle that place was in terrible disrepair, and the doctor did not even have an ear light, neither an exam table, neither examined her patients properly. Since Prominis moved there few years ago, they have a conscientious knowledgeable doctor (Dr. Ferrara) there who treats a tough patient population with professionalism and thoroughness. He does examine them and he does have the proper equipment!!!

  4. Way to go guys, I am happy for the neighborhood. If you saw the dirty little medical place there before these guys took over, you will appreciate the improvement. My good friend is going to one of the Prominis clinics and could not be happier. I am healthy, thank you, Kale 🙂 But I may check them out anyway, just to get a physical.

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