Upcoming Exhibitions at FiveMyles Gallery

Opening at FiveMyles Gallery on July 19 – August 9, 2014: The Perception of Wilderness in The Garden of Us

Primary Industry

Creating a temporary habitat of the borrowed, procured and hand grown, artist Rashanna Rashied-Walker has created a site-based installation that explores how we relate to nature.

What is nature, what is wilderness, what is wild? Is it a distant idea or is it all encompassing? Is an age old tree growing in a city lot any different from an ancient tree thriving deep within the forest?

By blurring these lines we are faced with a unique wilderness that invites us to reconsider the plants, trees, cracks, and crevices that make up our reality.

Rashanna Rashied-Walker: “I do nothing extraordinary, really. I only highlight what others might fail to see”

Other Upcoming Programs at FiveMyles:

SpaceProgram at FiveMyles

Sam Tufnell’s “Gnomes”

July 12 | 4:30 – 8 pm

Second Saturday on St Johns Place
An afternoon of live poetry and spoken word, featuring poets from Crown Heights and beyond, as well as music by DJ Speedy, and “Will Trade”, a series of exchanges initiated by Laura Sofia Prez.

July 19 to August 31

Gnome and Rosebush outdoor installation by Sam Tuffnell

Five Myles Gallery, located at 558 St. John’s Place, is open Thursday through Sunday, 1:00pm to 6:00pm; or by appointment.

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