I may get in trouble for saying this, but I tend to tease Spike about the fact that hes the one that caused for a lot of the gentrification here in Brooklyn, because he put Brooklyn on the map in a big way, and showed everyone how great and hip and cool it was, and made everyone want to come here, Lewis Lee, Spike Lee’s wife told New York Magazine.

Mrs. Lee chimed in on the issue of gentrification during Lee’s block party this past weekend in Bed-Stuy to to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of Lees film Do the Right Thing,

We were here in Brooklyn a few weeks ago,” said Mrs. Lee, “and I was like, this is because of you.

As far as her husband’s anti-gentrification remarks earlier this year surrounding the lack of improvement in facilities until there is an influx of white New Yorkers, Mrs Lee responded, “I think the issue is we need to start taking care of our poorer communities before they become these gentrified places.

So if we really care about these communities before, and Ill say moneyed people [arrive] I dont think its just white people …We need to make sure the people have opportunities to get work, and jobs,” she said.

“We need to make sure when people are trying to buy houses they can get the funds from banks and not be taken advantage of.”

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  1. why is spike lee’s wife’s comments news? Spike Lee had NOTHING to do with gentrification. His movies did not want anyone to move here. It was only a matter of time before the white flight(ers) came back. These are basic sociological facts. Manhattan out-priced many people and they figured Brooklyn was close enough. The proximity of Bed-Stuy to Manhattan is what makes it attractive…NOT radio raheem and mother-sister.

  2. Bedford Stuyvesant is not gentrified. A culturally diverse neighborhood does not equate to ownership. Statistically African-American s own most of the residential properties and run most of the storefronts. However if we continue to rent to.. sell to and patronize our counterparts instead of supporting our peers…we dont have a right to complain when the neighborhood becomes unrecognizable and unaffordable.

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