Queens Arts Intervention needs Brooklynites!
Queens Arts Intervention needs Brooklynites!

The Rego Park Green Alliance is hosting Queens Art Intervention and is looking to import Brooklyn artists, residents, organizations, and everyday people to Queens for an all day arts intervention.   Queens Art Intervention is about art that exists outside of the art world in outdoor spaces around Queens. It is art created with an intention external to the person creating it.

The intention could be to brighten someone’s day, share information about a particular issue, or perhaps bring a group of people together. Our first Queens Art intervention day will happen on Saturday September 20th, outdoors around Queens. The artistic intervention can take the form of dance, music, painting, theatre, or any other creative form.

The intervention must take place outdoors in Queens. DIVAS for Social Justice is serving as a liaison to promote the Queens Arts Intervention and encourage community to create art interventions in Southeast Queens including the areas of Jamaica, Rochdale Village, South Jamaica, Laurelton and Cambria Heights.

The Rego Park Green Alliance will be provide mini grants in the amount of $100 to support supplies needed for the Queens Arts Intervention. Community members can apply here.

Rego Park Green Alliance would like to stress that you do not have to be an artist to apply for funding an intervention. Some examples of possible funded interventions could include:

Underpass Arts Movement Mural by Rego Park Green Alliance
Underpass Arts Movement Mural by Rego Park Green Alliance

Food Pantry: A local food pantry delivers 150 bags of food every Saturday morning. Now take 100 artists creating postcards with original artwork on the front and empowering words on the back and putting these cards in the 150 bags of food.  The food nourishes the stomach, the card the soul.  And, now over 100 new people know about the food pantry. This could mean more donations and more volunteers for that food pantry.

Church Choir: Most choirs sing inside during the week and on the weekend during service. How about a choir taking their music outdoor; perhaps their front lawn? Now they are bringing the word to the people and perhaps meeting new neighbors in the process.

Front Yard: A group of people use 5,000 Legos to create a Mindcraft farm. The farm sits on the front lawn of a house surrounded by hedges. As pedestrians walk by the house, they see an arrow attached to the hedges that surround thefront law. There is also a hole in the hedges to look through. When people look through the hole, they see Mindcraft animals grazing in the grass.

Mindcraft Farm Animal
Mindcraft Farm Animal

For more information about Queens Arts Intervention please visit the Rego Park Green Alliance website.

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Clarisa James

Clarisa James is the Executive Director/Co-Founder of DIVAS for Social Justice, an arts/technology based organization that encourages youth in underserved communities to use technology for social change....

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