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Hand-Lettered Art By Harriet Faith - Week 23 Of Year Long Hand Lettering Project - Quote By Maya Angelou
Oh hi there! Long time no see! I was AWOL for two weeks… but to make up for it, here are three pieces of hand lettered art!
Each one has its own little blurb just beneath it, and the one in the middle is where I tried something a little different. It’s an illustrated life hack with a recycling theme.  And the third piece is an homage to the late, great Maya Angelou.  If you felt like leaving some feedback about any of them, there is a space below this article for comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

Week 21 – Year Long Hand Lettering Project By Harriet Faith – Quote By Michael Jordan
A lo-o-o-ong and wordy quote by Michael Jordan, giving me the opportunity to see just how many different lettering styles I can put in one piece.
In addition, look at HOW MANY shots MJ has missed, games he’s lost and generally, how many important moments in the game he’s messed up. And yet, he did all right, didn’t he?
Hearing Michael talk about himself like this makes me feel like, “Hey! I’ve made mistakes! TONS of ’em! Maybe I can still play basketball!” Hah! That was meant to be a joke, there at the end. But seriously, maybe, even with all the tons of mistakes I’ve made, I can still do really well with my work and my life.
You too. Not only that, Michael seemed to be willing to take risks and make mistakes. This is really awesome to know about him and is also something we can all take to heart!

Week 22 Of Year Long Hand Lettering Project – Art By Harriet Faith – Illustrated Life Hack / Re-Purposed Water Bottle
?As mentioned, an illustrated “Life Hack,” also known as re-purposing an object while making your life a little easier/saving money/re-using objects that you have around in cool ways. You may have already seen this one circulating around the interwebs….but have you seen it illustrated? Done as a painting? I thought not.
If you like this, please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear your thoughts!

Week 23 Of Year Long Hand Lettering Project – Art By Harriet Faith – Quote By Maya Angelou
And last but not least, an homage to the late, great Maya Angelou. In the many articles published after her death, I learned that she had been a dancer! While I knew that she had been honored with almost every writing award and prize that exists, including three Grammy’s for spoken word albums, I had no idea about this part of her life. When I then came across this quote of hers, it seemed a fitting tribute. RIP Maya Angelou! Thank you for being such an inspiring example, in so many ways.

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