Democratic Sen. Jack Reed of Rhode Island and Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada have gone back to the drawing board on a plan to extend unemployment insurance benefits, reported the National Journal on Thursday.

After the first bill died in the House of Representatives on June 1, Reed and Heller, are working to re-tool another version of the legislation. However, unfortunately, it likely will not include a provision that will make payments retroactive to December 2013 when the bill expired:

“I’m guessing that we just go forward at this point,” said Heller. “Five months of [retroactive] UI at this point, is a big, big bite of the apple. So that’s not guaranteed, but I’m telling you that we realize that we are in a bind right now trying to make it retroactive.”

Of the other demands by House Speaker John Boehner — that the bill create jobs and be paid for– Heller calls Boehner hypocritcal, pointing to a tax-extenders bill the House passed last month that wasn’t paid for at all.

“[I] found it ironic that the House could pass an unfunded tax-extenders bill, and yet demand that our bill—you know, wasn’t sufficient even though it was paid for and bipartisan,” Reed said.

As far as a jobs provision, Reed and Heller are asking Boehner and other House Republicans to take up the new Senate bill and add their own jobs provision, after which the two chambers can go to conference and work out their differences, he said.

Neither Reed nor Heller could speculate on a time frame for when they might introduce a new Senate package.

“We’re working on it,” Reed said. “It’s not something we’re ignoring. … We have to look for a legislative path. We have to find the right sort of formula, literally and figuratively.

“And then we have to make sure that we have the necessary bipartisan support here.”

 See the response of Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (NY-8) surrounding the House of Representatives’ failure to pass an unemployment insurance benefit extension here.

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  1. WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Renew the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program which expired December 28, 2013.

    Here’s the link

    This new Unemployment Extension petition on has until June 18 to gather the required 100,000 signatures. The White House would then be forced to respond as dictated by the terms of the website. It is up to 7,058 signatures! PLEASE SHARE NOW AND MAKE IT GO VIRAL.

    This petition is strictly to bring accountability to the government of We The People. Please sign it and pass it on. Thanks.

    1. If you have only knew what this means to millions of people to extend euc, not only to the economy. Mr. president and the right and left side, put the ones that put you in the positios you both are in now with good paying jobs, and give us AMERICANS a chance. PLEASE.. THIS IS NOT THE AMERICAN WAY.

  2. Republicans get what they wanted all along. No retro, because it will make over 3.5 million former long-term unemployed, tax-payers more angry at the Democrats, for not putting it in the budget, than the Republicans for filibustering the Senate for 4 months and blocking a House vote for 2 more months. Jobless and no retro! Those bi-weekly unemployment checks started up again, will not satisfy the landlord, who in a lot of cases, have shown restraint and belief in the government, nor will it pay for those mandatory auto and health insurance. We need the Senate’s bill, collecting dust in the House, to be passed into law. It has a retroactive pay measure. We need people calling Senator Jack Reed and asking him to include retro pay in any new proposal and to push the bill through, quickly. We need President Obama to call Speaker Boehner and negotiate a bill, that includes retro pay.

    1. If there is no retro , they can go f### themselves. That money was going to be used to get a car that was repoed in April so I could widen my search for work in other cities .

  3. I agree 100% with Mark. Retro pay is absolutly needed. If you ‘re going to create a new bill, do not EXCLUDE the most important item of this
    Legislation! Noting in the expired bill should be excluded. It needs to be modified to add whatever Boehner wants. I suggest you get the “right formula” word for word from him. Bipartisan, yeah right. Collaborating, not in his vocabulary. Working for the people of America? Are you kidding. I believe good outweighs evil. Dont give up what you believe and what you know the American people deserve. Put this on the FAST track! America needs it.

  4. It’s a mere travesty that Americans can allow fellow citizens to take as long as it has taken to resolve this unemployment extension issue. It displays bad policy and weakened government when a simple negotiation can not be made in a reasonable time and manner. The GOP all the way to the White House should be embarrassed! I can only speculate that millions of American citizens losing their homes, sanity, and quality of life is not significant to people who are either heartless, unaffected, or are secure in their incomes, jobs, and means. Disregarding retro pay may not resolve financial anamolies for many of the jobless if a new resolve or bill is passed. Puppet masters you are playing with peoples’ lives and livelihoods! Mr. President- please stop making so many public appearances until it appears to be a resolve for the potential unemployment compensation recipients! To you, Mr. Speaker of the House (Boehner), pull your head out of your ass!

  5. Doing away with retroactive payment will not help but destroy Americans. They are too far behind in bills to ever be able to survive without them. People who got lucky and are working now needs what was owed to them. Not fair or American at all.

  6. #renewui as my grandfather said do it right or do it right. all who oppose renewui or any other bill i find interesting should be looking outside congress for a job now! November will be to remember with congress unable to collect unemployment INSURANCE!

  7. it sounds like everyone wants to work together but boner. what a boner. someone needs to get him out of there.

  8. Keep calling your congressional representatives. Long-term unemployment allowed me to find a good job and I support the measure without biased. I believe the program is highly beneficial.

    Good luck.

  9. It is absolutely impossible for the states to pay unemployment insurance benefits retroactively. Individuals must meet certain weekly eligibility criteria in order to receive unemployment benefits. To be paid benefits, individuals must certify that they were able to work, available for work and actively seeking work every week. There is no way for states to determine who did and who did not meet the eligibility critera for every week going back to December. Paying a lump sum, retroactive payment, to all of those who were unemployed when the extension ended back in December, would amount to being nothing more than a gift. New legislation will have to be written to treat any such payments strictly as a gift. I wonder how that will go over with our stingy, dysfunctional Congress? The legislation, as it is currently written, is completely unworkable. To extend unemployment insurance benefits again, new legislation must be written and passed by Congress. Since there has already been a six month lapse, I do not see extended unemployment benefits coming back at all.

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