Housing police have arrested a 24-year-old gunman identified as Teddy Jalil Spann on Friday in Bed-Stuy, after he pulled out a gun on three officers following a chase.

According to police, on Friday, May 2, at around 9:40pm, near 800 Gates Avenue (between Stuyvesant and Malcolm X), three plain-clothed officers were on patrol from their car when they spotted Spann on the corner, “talking to another individual, acting suspiciously and adjusting his belt,” said police.

The officers decided to stop and question Spann at which point he took off running down Malcolm X and up Monroe Street towards Stuyvesant Ave. The officers began a pursuit. The gunman then fell when he tried to cut through a nearby school yard.

As the officers closed in on Spann, he pulled out a loaded firearm from his ankle and pointed it at the officers. The officers then shot the man once, grazing him in the stomach.

Spann was taken to Kings County Hospital where he was treated and is in stable condition.

He was later arrested and charged with criminal possession of a firearm and menacing, said police.

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