DSC05718Fort Greene/Clinton Hill residents, if you like La Bagel Delight, located at 73 Lafayette Avenue, then youll be happy to welcome its new sister-in-law into the neighborhood: Myrtle Bagel, located at 410 Myrtle Avenue.

The La Bagel stores– a small franchise– are best known for their delicious hero sandwiches and wide variety of bagels and cream cheeses. Myrtle Bagel, which opened on Thursday, April 24, is not a franchise but has the same owner, so it strongly resembles its in-law in both layout and menu direction but with quite a few new surprises of its own.

Tae Ho, the stores owner, said the biggest difference between the newest store and his store on Lafayette Ave is the variety. At 1,400 sq. feet, the new space is bigger than the Lafayette Ave space and so allows for a little more wiggle room in the kitchen and the store lobby.

DSC05721For instance, his Myrtle Ave store is the first to showcase a new blueberry bagel. Theres also the addition of an avocado cream cheese and a tossed salad bar offering fresh and chopped salad prepared behind the counter to order.

Theres a Wacky Weekend Specials menu with egg-white specials as well as corporate breakfast packages.

The sandwich menu offers a handsome lineup of sandwich combos priced from $6.99 – $8.99, including a Monte Cristo sandwich, a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, and another called the Bourbon Street made of Cajun turkey, melted mozzarella cheese, hot peppers, grilled onion and mayo on a hero for $8.50.

DSC05723Myrtle Bagel offers chicken and turkey burgers and also has vegetarian options, including one made with avocado, hummus, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil on whole wheat for $6.99, and an eggplant sandwich with melted with provolone cheese, roasted red pepper and balsamic dressing for $6.25.

Theres an espresso bar, although Tae Ho said it would not be up and running for a few more weeks. In fact, you might find a few of the menu options wont be available for another two weeks or so, after the stores official-official opening.

DSC05722I was just excited to open the doors, said Tae Ho, but everything should available in the next two weeks.

In the meantime, theres more than enough to choose from. The bagels are plentiful and the cream cheeses are stocked.

Myrtle Bagel is open Monday – Friday, from 6:00am-7:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday, from 6:00am – 6:00pm. Cash only.

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