Stop 'N' Swap, hosted by GrowNYC, 4/23
Stop 'N' Swap, hosted by GrowNYC, 4/23
Stop 'N' Swap, hosted by GrowNYC, 4/23
Stop ‘N’ Swap, hosted by GrowNYC, 4/23

The turnout was great at Thursday’s Stop ‘N’ Swap event at Brooklyn Borough Hall, where for three hours local residents had a chance to shop through donated household items, toys, books and clothes for free!

The event, now in its ninth year, is hosted by GrowNYC, and about 150 people came out, said David Hurd, director of GrowNYC’s Office of Recycling Outreach and Education.

“Our office is charged with getting folks to recycle,” said Hurd. “We try to follow what is known as the Solid Management Waste Hierarchy, which is Reduce, Reuse Recycle. So if we can reuse before we recycle, that’s a better thing to do.”

In total, the organization has held about 70 swapping events across the five boroughs, and he says they’re always a big hit for both the people who donate, as well as those who find the donated items useful.

“You’ve got two kinds of folks that come to Stop ‘N’ Swap– those that want to clear out some clutter form their closets and others that are looking to find some great new things,” said Hurd.

A little bit of everything can be found at the swaps, cowboy boots, books, vintage toys, children’s coats. Hurd said he’s even seen a few big-ticket items brought in (and then quickly claimed) at past swaps, including a Bose stereo systems and a guitar.

There was a Stop ‘N’ Swap in Jackson Heights, Queens last weekend where a little girl found a free bicycle in perfectly good condition.

“The smile on her face was priceless,” said Hurd.

To find out about the next Stop ‘N’ Swap event, go here.

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