71st Pct.
71st Pct.

The 71 Precinct has issued the following alerts to residents of Crown Heights and the surrounding area regarding a recent increase in three types of crimes:

Auto Thefts:

The 71st Pct has seen an increase of auto theft due to people leaving their vehicles on with their keys in the vehicle. When you are unloading, making a quick visits or just talking outside your vehicle, please make sure you shut your car off and remove the keys at all times, especially on push start ignitions.

It only takes seconds for someone to jump into your vehicle and drive it away.

Cell Phone Robberies:

The 71st Precinct would like to remind everyone to be aware of your surroundings when texting, talking or surfing on your cell phone. The phone has become a very attractive target for thieves especially around the Flatbush and Ocean Avenue areas.

Please take safety precautions when using cell phones in public, and please download and install the Find My iPhone application.

In case of an emergency, this application will allow us to track the stolen phone.

Also, please Call Officer Bulzoni at 718-735-0528 to have your cell phone registered with the NYPD for free.

Rubbish Fires:

In the past few days, the 71st Pct has dealt with three different incidents of small rubbish fires around churches. We are treating these fires as acts of arson. Please try not to leave any papers or flammable items near the doors or on the property of the church.

Derbie on the church property was used to set all these small fires. Please be aware of any strangers or suspicious persons loitering near churches. Anyone with information please call the 71 Precinct Detectives at 718-735-0501.

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