career, job interview, bkreader, roxxywrites, brandi tape, resume, thank you letter, interview follow up
How to get through the post interview wait
career, job interview, bkreader, roxxywrites, brandi tape, resume, thank you letter, interview follow up
How to get through the post interview wait

So you made it through the big interview. Now what? Don’t just sit there; logout of Facebook and finish strong.

You might be surprised how many times the smallest details become the deciding factor between you and the next guy landing the job. Here are a few tips to help you pass the time wisely and without taking yourself out of the game before it even gets started.

Closed mouths don’t get fed. This may seem like a no-brainer but you should let your interviewer know that you want the job without looking thirsty. I know, easier said than done. One way to do this is to follow up after the interview.

The idea here is to keep yourself fresh on their mind while they’re making hiring decisions. In most cases, a simple thank you letter will suffice.

Follow up immediately after the interview

Do: Ask about the company’s expected timeline for filling the position before you leave the interview.
Don’t: Show out, sending flowers or gifts. Yes, this will make them remember you…and maybe give your information to security. Be easy.

Keep it classy. If you must reach out after this point, tread lightly. When in doubt, email is always a safe bet, but remember to always use their business accounts. An email is less-intrusive and won’t put your interviewer on the spot, so it is generally a better way to ask the question. An unexpected circumstance may be holding up the process. Resist the urge to reach out to them on their Facebook page if you’re prone to cyber stalking.

Do: Send a quick, polite note.
Don’t: Remind them that they haven’t gotten back to you during the projected time; and whatever you do, don’t contact them more than once. If they want you they will send for you.

Here’s an example:

Dear [Interviewer]:

Thank you again for the interview (date and what for). I understand/really enjoyed talking about/learning about xxxxx and know that my experience xxxx would enable me to make a significant contribution to your team. I just wanted to follow up to inquire in regards to the status of the position. If you need any further information from me, please don’t hesitate to contact me at xxxxx.


[Your Name]

Know when to fold. If you’ve already followed up and there’s still been radio silence, it may be time to move on. You’ve done all you can. Don’t take it personally or waste precious time overthinking their decision.

Focus that energy on additional openings at other companies or work on adding more valuable experiences and skills to your tool belt. It’s out of your hands, let it go.

Happy Hunting!



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