Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.49.21 PMMiss the March 31, 2014 deadline for enrolling in a healthcare plan?

If so, was it because of long lines or problems you experienced on the Healthcare Exchange site? Well, you now have until April 15 to apply for an extension!

I guess you can call it a “hardship extension,” extended as a courtesy by the U.S. government after the site experienced significant problems in the days leading up to the deadline.


In order to get the extension, you will have to check a box that says you tried to enroll before the deadline. Then, you will be given a special enrollment period of approximately 60 days to choose a plan.

Or, you can attest that you tried to apply online by the deadline, either to a certified insurance agent, enrollment counselor, call-center operator or county social worker for help completing your application.

Use this calculator to determine in 30 seconds how much you’d actually pay for a plan through the Obamacare system:

For an easy walk-through and explanation on how the Affordable Care Act works, go here.

Those who do not sign up for a plan by April 15 face a $95 penalty or 1 percent of their annual incomes, whichever is greater.

So, now you’ve been given all the tools you need, including an extension. Do your health a favor, and sign up today!

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