Police are investigating an apparent suicide death of a 31-year-old man identified as Jeremy Malloy of Bed-Stuy.

According to reports, on Wednesday, February 26, at around 2:30pm, 81st Precinct police were called into a Brevoort Houses residence at 326 Bainbridge after Malloy’s father found him in his bed, face-up with a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the left side of his head.

The victim’s father said he decided to check on his son after his son’s job contacted him to report he had not been to work in three days.

Housing Police (PSA3) have taken over the investigation. But its believed that Malloy had grown despondent after a fight with his girlfriend, police said.

PSA 3 is doing a follow up.

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  1. Im glad you said that @ chsrmaine Dozier. I know damn well he aint have no fight with no girl. Hell he aint had a girl friend in over 5 yrs. I should know Im the mother of his oldest son.

    1. Hey Latoya is jaleels brother mom I wanted to know if I can get in contact with you because he wants to see his brother he keeps asking for him.

  2. Hello, to the family and friends of this victim, I want to apologize if the facts are off. Death is serious, and the facts surrounding it are equally as serious. I got these facts from an officer at the precinct, which he relayed from the report. If you are finding the facts are incorrect, I would suggest you call the precinct and ask they are corrected. I will then check back in later in the day to verify again and update the story accordingly if needed. My condolences to you all.

  3. That man was my best friend, i was so sadden by the news i received on that day, of him passing away, me, my wife yanessa and new born baby will never forget him at all we all love you Jay.

  4. I aint Buying this Dam Story for real.. Jay is a Brother to me, and being around him he def aint the type to let a female worry him, something aint right and the truth needs be out for real.. Jay i love you Homie!! you will never be forgotten, so sad to hear my Bro Gone….

  5. It is sad he left this world so soon and my condolences to his family..Reading some of the postings truly shows how ignorant some of you are.First, it only takes 2 pounds of pressure to set off a gun so being right handed does not mean you cannot shoot yourself using your left hand and vice versa.Second, this man is dead and all you can sit here and discuss is that you know for sure he didn’t have another girlfriend??Pathetic!!!It does not mean you know everything because you had his child and he does not have to share everything with you..How about the real perspective is that this man felt the world was better without him and did not feel he could have gone to anyone..Not even you baby mamas.You sound so ghetto on this post.It’s not about you, but it’s about Jeremy.Also, it is obvious that it took this situation for you baby mamas to allow the children to see each other.

    1. @RealTalk
      This is not what I do so I will keep this very short. What you are talking about clearly says to me that you did not also know him. If you did then you would know that his sons do not live in the same state but that each and every summer for nine years straight my son saw his brother so before you get on here and voice an opinion get your facts straight. My best friend was did not believe the world was better without him and he would not do this to himself so for you thinking he did or could you clearly did not know him. He loved his life as well as his kids. I can give a damn which of you chicks he messed with I’m not a girlfriend or a baby mom I’m someones WIFE. So with that being said next time you wanna indirectly talk know that I’m not the one for it.
      To my best friend Jeremy, may he rest in peace. I love you forever.

  6. oh my god….i been looking for jeremy for years and this is wht i come to find. He was my right hand in job corp and he was right handed not left. my deepest sympathy to the family


    1. i know @damein. i feel the exact same way…….i been looking for you and him

  8. i know @damein. i feel the exact same way…….i been looking for you and him.

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