Photo: Bebeto Matthews/AP
Photo: Bebeto Matthews/AP
Photo: Bebeto Matthews/AP

Why should I pay for college for prisoners when I cant even pay for my kid. Its absurd!

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said he gets it when critics around the state blasted his proposal to offer college courses and degrees to New York state prisoners.

But on Monday, the governor cited studies that prove educating prisoners drastically reduces recidivism, providing a strong incentive for prisoners and taxpayers alike.

He told editors and reporters of The Buffalo News that his task now is to convince skeptical taxpayers the program will, in the long run, save them money.

Do it because it saves you money, said Cuomo. And if youre worried about paying for your kids tuition, then you want to pay less taxes, so waste less money.

“Think of it purely selfishly, on the numbers. It will save you money.

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