Harriet Faith Week 7 Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello Brooklyn Reader readers and Happy Valentine’s Day!

At the beginning of 2014, I started a weekly, year-long hand-lettering project. The name of the project is “Pay Attention To Your Dreams,” and that was also the name of the first piece I illustrated.  Each week, I have painted a different quote or phrase and posted it on my blog. Starting this week, and going forward, I will also be posting each hand-lettered piece here on rattnercopy.wpengine.com. If you would like to see pieces I’ve done previous to this week, please visit my blog or my Pinterest board.

For Valentine’s Day, which is Week 7 of the project, I had contemplated basing the week’s piece of hand-lettering on one of many quotes I found, in various sources, about self love. Because it is TRUE, that to have almost anything, including a wonderful romantic relationship, you really do need to love yourself; at least enough to let yourself have what you are dreaming about.

I also came across this – Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare. I had never read it fully, although like almost everyone I know, I had heard the first two lines many, many times. I became curious, and so, this week, I read the entire sonnet. And you know, there is a reason that Shakespeare’s works have lasted through the ages. The man has a way with words.

This sonnet made me swoon. Even when I had to reread certain lines to understand what the heck he was saying. Swoon. Seriously. Take some time to read this through. Even if you don’t have a special sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, so what? You can read this. Imagine it has been written to you by someone who likes you very, very much. As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the most TOP SECRET secrets of manifesting your dreams is to FEEL your way into it. If you are looking to find yourself in a wonderful, swoon-worthy, flowers-and-chocolate type of romance, try on the feelings you would have if that dream came true. Reading this sonnet will definitely jump start that for you!

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Harriet Faith
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  1. Wow Harriet. So wonderful to read that today, on THE day of LOVE! Great to hear about your project and the picture is beautiful. Xxx

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