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Nonprofit developer CAMBA recently announced plans to tear down the psychiatric ward at Kings County Hospital and replace it with CAMBA Gardens II, an affordable housing complex, reported

The housing development will have 293 units spread across 97,000 square feet, representing the second phase of a development for CAMBA Gardens, which already occupies another site  at 690 and 738 Albany Ave– also former hospital buildings.

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In CAMBA Gardens I, a one-bedroom rented for $810, with couples limited to $41,280 in annual income, while three-bedrooms rented for $1,127, with a maximum household income of $59,820.

CAMBA Gardens II will be even larger. The building will be a U shaped structure, ranging from 5 to 9 stories enclosing a courtyard facing CAMBA Gardens I to the east, according to the project’s developer Dattner Architects on their website.

The courtyard and other open spaces will be landscaped and developed as amenity spaces for the residents, with multi-purpose spaces for social services, adult education, health services, indoor/outdoor recreation and the arts.

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The project also will participate in the Enterprise Green Communities Initiative, NYSERDA Multi-Family Performance Program and LEED for Homes program.

CAMBA President Joanne Oplustil says they’ve already received 7,000 applications for the upcoming site: Its the tip of the iceberg. It was astounding how many applicants came in.

Dattner Architects expect the project to be completed in 2016.

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