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Police have apprehended at least one of the three suspects involved in the January 17 rape and robbery at a tattoo parlor in Bed-Stuy.

Police could not confirm, but said the suspect was identified either through the cameras inside of the parlor or from the DNA rape kit. Police identified the suspect’s MacDonough Street residence and began a search and pursuit at around 10:30pm Thursday.

Police went to his home and attempted an arrest, but the suspect fled on foot. Helicopters and police dogs were brought in to assist in the pursuit during which the suspect hopped over fences and through neighbors’ back yards to escape police.

Shots rang out and the suspect was injured, including one passersby, according to reports.

The suspect was apprehended and arrested at around 11:00pm. He was taken to Kings County Hospital, where he is being treated, said police. The suspect’s identity has not been released.

Police cars are camped out in front of the house now, as the special victims unit waits for a judge to sign a search warrant, police said.

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    1. I wonder why this information was not widely reported on all the news channels and in newspapers. The Inktastic Tattoo parlor in Brooklyn should want the fact that the police have arrested a suspect in this crime reported in every newspaper and on all news channels. Because of this crime I would think a lot people would not go to this particular tattoo place. They stand to lose a lot of potential customers who would be concerned for their safety. Someone in the shop opened the door to the rapist and robbers putting customer’s safety at risk. I live in Midtown Manhattan. If this happened in Manhattan it definitely would have been reported that a suspect was caught to make people feel safer. I guess a lot more tourists visit Manhattan than Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn.

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