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Your career success starts now!

With the holidays behind us, now is a good time to turn up the heat on your job search.

Think about your current search methods. Whats working? What could use improvement? Maybe you have a tried and true methodology. Either way, theres always room for improvement.

career, interview, employer, jobseeker, resume
Land your next big job!

Here are five tips to help you land that next big gig:

1. Build your personal brand. Take a look at your resume, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles. They should all tell a potential employer the same thing. This brief statement should address the age-old Tell me about yourself interview ice-breaker. This declaration should be approximately two to three sentences and state your profession and what makes you a better choice than the next guy.

2. Highlight quantifiable achievements on your resume. Do any of the bullets on your resume say responsibilities include or duties include? If so you may be dead in the water before you even get your hair wet. This is passive language and indicates that you are someone who simply carries out duties instead of a person who achieves. You have a limited amount of time to make the first impression with your resume. One of the best ways to do this is to show the employer what you can do for them. Think I did this, which resulted in this or I achieved this by doing this.  

3. Maintain your LinkedIn profile. I cannot stress this enough! This website can be an invaluable resource for jobseekers when its used correctly. Be sure to fill out your profile as comprehensively as possible. Use industry-specific keywords, skills, and functions often listed among job descriptions of relevant positions to you. Personalize your profile with videos, documents, images, or audio if it applies. While endorsements are great, dont be shy about requesting references to back up your skill set to highlight your talent to the best of your ability.

 4. Keep in touch with your references. Though its rare that references will be contacted until the final stages in the hiring process, why leave it up to chance? If youre actively job searching, take the time to touch base with your references periodically to let them know youre looking and what type of position and skills they may be asked about. No one likes to be caught off guard or unprepared so dont leave your reference hanging. After all, you want them to speak highly of you so its wise to be considerate in this situation.

5. Networking is your friend, online and in-person. Sometimes the best connections are right under your nose. If youre looking for a new position, put the word out. When mingling at homecoming, seminars, the gym, or community meetings and events optimize that opportunity to build relationships. Chances are that person knows someone who knows someone. Now I dont advise carting around your resume in these circumstances, however, exchanging a business card or LinkedIn address could be just the connection you need.

career, job, interview, jobseeker, employer, resume
Your career success starts now!

RoxxyWrites! Whisper Tip: When in doubt, dont put it out! This should go without saying but be careful how you conduct yourself at events and online. You never know who is watching so its best to play it safe. Now, Im not saying dont be your regular, colorful self; but think of it this way, is posting that latest video from WordStar really worth forfeiting that corner office? Ill answer that for you.its not! If you wouldnt share it with the church usher board, dont post it!

Happy Hunting!

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