Brooklyn Grassroots Organizations Form Alliances for Anti-Gun Violence Event
Brooklyn Grassroots Organizations Form Alliances for Anti-Gun Violence Event

The Awake Youth Project @ Brooklyn Zen Center (BZC), DIVAS for Social Justice and The Bed Stuy Action Coalition are organizing a “Silent Day of Recognition” in April 2014 to recognize the loss of youth in Central Brooklyn to gun violence.

The event will consist of reading the names of youth whom have passed because of gun violence while participants sit in silent meditation.

In early February, a website will be available for community members to visit and add the names of young people to be remembered.The “Silent Day of Recognition” will be a controlled event n Von King Park during the weekend of the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s death.In order to prepare for this event and form partnerships for the April event, DIVAS, BZC and Bed Stuy Act are organizing panel discussions on gun violence as a public health issue that also explore the need for peace and emotional healing.

At all of the panel discussions there will also be instruction on meditation and mindfulness conducted by the Brooklyn Zen Center. The first discussion will serve as an “organizing meeting” for potential allies to meet and will take place at:

Magnolia Tree Earth Center

677 Lafayette Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11216

MLK DAY, 1/20/14

3:00-5:30 PM

We are seeking community organizations that do anti-violence work, health professionals to help provide support the event and be on panel discussions, individuals interested in changing gun laws in New York.

Brooklyn Zen Center’s Awake Youth Project and DIVAS for Social Justice serves teens throughout the Brooklyn community who live with gun violence as a reality. We feel that no one should have to live with fear of deadly violence in their homes and streets. Our organizations are committed to cultivating a world grounded in love and interconnectedness, not materialism and violence. We feel it is a moral imperative to work to transform society so that it is a peaceful, healthy and safe place for everyone.

Future panel/planning discussions will take place in February and March in partnership with The Food and Fitness Partnership at Restoration and NEBCHO. Please join us on January 20, 2014 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. to bridge communities and start a dialogue for emotional healing and policy change around violence.


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Clarisa James

Clarisa James is the Executive Director/Co-Founder of DIVAS for Social Justice, an arts/technology based organization that encourages youth in underserved communities to use technology for social change....

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