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A worker at a car wash in Crown Heights is dead after the car he finished washing and was preparing to wipe dry rolled over him Sunday afternoon.

The worker, a Hispanic male in his 30, was attempting to move a 2010 Lincoln Navigator out of the automated rails from a car wash lot, located at 1119 Atlantic Avenue, when it rolled into oncoming traffic on Atlantic Avenue, reported ABC Local.

Accident investigators believe the Navigator collided with an oncoming Nissan, ejecting the worker who was apparently struck and killed by the SUV’s back tires.

“All of a sudden I heard a big bang. I came out and said ‘oh no, this is my car’,” said James Blackwell, the car’s owner, who was inside paying for the wash when the accident occurred.

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The Navigator continued to travel westbound on Atlantic Ave until it struck a fire hydrant about a block away and came to a stop.

“I look, the gentleman is laying out in the street. My car was going down Atlantic Avenue by itself. The back wheels from what I understand, I think rolled over him,” Blackwell said.

Police and emergency personnel arrived on the scene, and the victim was transported to Kings County Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The driver and a passenger of the Altima also were taken to Kings County Hospital with reports of pain.

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