DIVAS for Social Justice will be offering a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) Camp for the Mid-Winter Break  , 2/17/14/2/21/14. The camp will offer workshops in the following subjects:

Digital Media: Youth will learn digital photography and the basics of Adobe Photoshop as well  video production. This workshop will be facilitated by Clarisa James, MFA who has taught multi-media workshops at Brooklyn College and a number of high schools in Central Brooklyn.

Robotics: Lego Mindstorm Robotics will be taught by Professor Andrea Taylor of Pace University. Professor Taylor currently coaches the robotics team divaSTEAM which recently was featured in Our Time Press and DNAInfo.

Mid-Winter Tech Camp for Youth In Brooklyn
Mid-Winter Tech Camp for Youth In Brooklyn

In addition to the STEAM workshops, youth will go on the following trips:

Weeksville Heritage Center

Sony Wonder Lab of Technology

Museum of Tolerance of New York

In summer of July 2013, DIVAS for Social Justice launched a 3 -week STEAM Camp and recently was featured in a national discussion on the importance of STEAM  by the National Alliance of Media, Arts and Culture.

For more information about the camp you can contact DIVAS for Social Justice at: [email protected]

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Clarisa James

Clarisa James is the Executive Director/Co-Founder of DIVAS for Social Justice, an arts/technology based organization that encourages youth in underserved communities to use technology for social change....

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