Candlelight Dinner for Three: Including baby in date night turns out to be a great surprise.
Candlelight Dinner for Three: Including baby in date night turns out to be a great surprise.

Like most, I had bought into the belief of separation-of-baby-and-date.

Do the proper thing, and get a sitter and have a good time. Right? Well, we know how the whole sitter debacle is not working out for me, so my answer would be, “wrong!”

My hubby definitely opened my eyes to why this notion is wrong: He called me from the office one Friday afternoon and told me to put on something nice. The baby too!

“Be ready by 7:30pm,” he says. I didn’t even ask why or where we were going. Because after months of being cooped up in the house, it wouldn’t have matter if we only drove around the block in our Sunday’s best. So I was ready with bells on.

At the restaurant, my hubby opened the door for us and I nearly floated in on a cloud of excitement.  The place was small but quaint, dimly lit with small tea lights on each table. There weren’t that many patrons that night, so I didn’t have to avoid any of the panicked looks people give when they see a baby in a nice restaurant.

The calming atmosphere was the trick, as my daughter Dionne (Boogie) was quietly alert the entire meal until she passed out as dessert arrived.  At that time, I did indulge in an adult beverage and had a moment of Yeah I am a Grown Woman (in my ‘Yonce voice).

(Disclaimer: If you decide to try the following, this is the perfect time to inform you that I am not responsible for the conveniently timed supernova tantrum your tot may decide to throw during your date night. However I would love to hear all about it, so don’t be shy… share.)

We had a good laugh at how risky it was bring to Boogs out, and how it was also the best night we’ve had in a while. If we could survive the car ride home and get her in her crib without any theatrics, we could top the evening off with a night cap. I just raised one eyebrow…

My hubby and I rekindling our romance on date night.

On the ride home, I couldn’t help but think in that moment of contentment that these are the moments that allow you to get through the tough ones. Like when Boogie is restless and continuously crying through the night.

In this new year, my resolution is to let romance find its way, even with an infant at the table.

Our date night was the perfect date night because she was there. Though she will not make it to every candlelit dinner, I’ll remember how special that first one was.


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  1. Oh I love those moments when the little one behaves and we can enjoy dinner in peace. As a first time mom, I think the biggest fear was how much the crying was going to ruin other patron’s dinner which lead to us not going out til she was bigger. Now that I look back, and a second one on the way, I feel confident enough to take the first one and the second one out for some candlelit dinner and to make sure I pack extra dollar bills forthe restaurant staff

  2. THIS is the stuff that the good life is made of! Kids change a lot in relationships, but big ups to you both for keeping it fresh and fun.

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