New York City’s mass transit system is the great equalizer.

Regardless of your cultural, educational or socio-economic background, if you ride the iron horse, you share an up-close-and-personal experience with the best (and the worst) of everything the city has to offer.

NYC subways are also where you can capture the flyest, most diverse and most unexpected displays of fashions and urban couture. Check out who we caught riding the iron horse this week donning their signature style.

Subway Style
This shy teen named “Precious” was rocking her signature style while waiting for the G train in Brooklyn.
Subway Style
This family was visiting New York from Australia. Every last one of them was dressed “to the nines.” They blushed when asked if their photo could be taken, but they happily obliged!

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  1. I LOVE the NYC Subways. I love the spontaneous conversations. I love the knowing looks when two people realize they’ve been admiring the same person. I love the way people give up seats when they realize someone else has had a harder day then they have. I love the way people admire good parents of well behaved kids. I love how alive it all is. I love the fashion and the passion of it all. I hope you’ll post more photos.

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