Carnivores, feast your eyes on your newest bbq playground: Beast of Bourbon, located at 710 Myrtle Avenue off of Spencer Street.

From Bed-Stuy resident, Sureshan Pather, who brought us the U.K.-inspired gastro pub, Black Swan, comes the newest offering– a no-frills bbq, with more than 40 varieties of beer and 200 types of whiskey!

Red neon lights spelling out BBQ are one of few indicators as to whats inside the otherwise industrial-looking garage.

But once inside, you find a dimly lit lounge to your right with a bar illuminated by candles glowing against walls covered in band stickers, a jukebox and a Transformers arcade game. On the left, theres a staircase along side of a DJ booth, leading up to a pool table looking out over the front room.


The massive open dining area is filled with communal picnic tables, a counter to order and an even larger horseshoe-shaped bar steered by two tattooed beauties. Admittedly, I dont partake in too much brown juice, but I couldnt miss one of their three unique frozen drinks. I went with the frozen whiskey sour. While deliciously slushy and surprisingly strong, I found it extremely tart.

Upon entering the dining hall, you approach a window to pick your poison and look on as a metal tray dressed in brown butcher paper is piled high with mounds of juicy meat, smoked, dry rubbed, and bbqed to perfection.

Next, cups brimming with accompanying sides, including collard greens, brisket bbq beans, dirty rice, and a thick hunk of classic cornbread.

A majority of the meat can be served on buns as well in the form of hearty sammies like the PBR: pulled pork, bacon, and relish ($10), the Gobble Gobble Hey!: turkey, bacon, and pickled cabbage ($11). That particular night the special sandwich of the evening was Born on the Bayou: smoked brisket, caramelized red onions, and remoulade sauce.

Combos seem like the best way to go, choosing from various meats and sides. Most meat is priced by the pound, like brisket ($21/lb.) and bourbon bacon ($16/lb.). Most of the sides, like potato salad, chili, vinegar slaw, and pickled cabbage are $5 for a small and $9 for large.

Though weather didnt permit the particular evening I ventured inside, I noticed a small backyard to hang out in, once the weather breaks, in addition to the stage that offers live music shows.

The bottom line: If you like great bbq thats all about the food with out the fuss, this spot is a must.

Need some place for a large group? Theres plenty of space, a large screen for sports and drinks for every taste.

Greedy Girl Tip:

1. Dont miss the sauces on the table. Theyre not always labeled, but the mustard is tangy with a little heat, the smooth bbq is smoky but the bourbon is the star of the show, the chunky bbq is delectable, but not for casual fans of spicy. While that one is my personal favorite, proceed with caution.

2. Make the dirty rice your business! Ive had dirty rice from here to New Orleans. Its all different depending who you ask. The rice at BOB, though, is the truth! Large chunks of sausage and peppers, spicy, but not at all greasy. You wont be sorry!

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